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Carina Schulze

Carina Schulze is one of the co-founders of Chatrone, LLC with Aaron D. Berger. A native Brazilian from Sao Paulo, she became a published author when her short stories were printed in an anthology called PRIMEIRA VIAGEM (FIRST VOYAGE). She then came to the US to study at UCLA, where she graduated with honors.

Carina began her career in entertainment working for Bridget Johnson Films when Bridget was being nominated for Best Picture for AS GOOD AS IT GETS. She honed her development skills while the company went on to produce JOYRIDE and RIDING IN CARS WITH BOYS.

Carina worked as a writer’s assistant at New Redemption Pictures for writer/director John Herzfeld (TWO DAYS IN THE VALLEY, DON KING) while he was in post production on 15 MINUTES. She worked with him closely in the development process when he was writing two spec scripts, TALENT and GLAD ALL OVER. At that company, Carina became familiar not only with the creative aspects, but the financial and technical realities of putting projects together.

Carina then started working with Aaron Berger and Jim Strader at Quattro Media. There she focused on one of her biggest passions, graphic novels and literary properties. After going to every single comic book convention in the country, she signed the creators of two comic books, as well as a writer who developed a series of novels for Young Adults for Oxford University Press. She developed feature film takes for both comic books and set them up with two A-list producers.. As for the series of novels, she set that up as a feature film at Cartoon Network. Thus began her career as a producer and literary manager.

In 2006, Carina and Aaron started collaborating creatively. Together, they created, developed and packaged GO FIGURE: Disney XD’s anticipated flagship show currently in development. Working closely with their client Jorge Gutierrez, they also developed an animated feature film based on the Mexican Holiday “Day of the Dead”. This feature, currently titled DAY OF THE DEAD is set up at Reel FX with Gutierrez attached as director and Chatrone attached to producer.

Carina and Aaron founded Chatrone, LLC in April 2007. The company has many projects in various stages of development and production, including HONK! a pre-school show and Playhouse Disney’s first co-production; PAWN, a feature with Renny Harlin, Tyrese Gibson, and HQ Pictures attached; RED ASPHALT, with Rat Entertainment; Romero’s DAWN OF THE DEAD anime series; a TV series based on the Jonathan Lethem novel AMNESIA MOON with Tommy Pallotta attached and Bob Engels (ANDROMEDA, TWIN PEAKS) as the show-runner. Other projects in development include a TV series based on SLEEPY HOLLOW with A BAND APART attached to produce, and a series called DISCMEN about Area 52 with Andy Briggs, the writer of HELLBOY, attached to write.

In her spare time, Carina loves to read comic books and climb very tall mountains.