Chatrone America Latina


In 2012...

Chatrone brought the American industry know-how to the Brazilian audiovisual market and created CHATRONE LATIN AMERICA, an independent Brazilian production company. Since expanding into Brazil, Chatrone has produced almost 200 episodes of live action content as well as a feature film.

Chatrone’s first Brazilian production was the smash hit, GABY ESTRELLA for Globo’s family and kids channel, Gloob. Carina is the creator and showrunner for this series, a musical for kids & teens. GABY ESTRELLA doubled the channel’s ratings upon its premiere and ran three seasons. Chatrone also launched a series of GABY ESTRELLA licensed products, such as notebooks, backpacks, and an original soundtrack.

In 2014, GABY ESTRELLA won the Monet Magazine Award for Best Teen Series, beating international hits like “Pretty Little Liars,” “The Carrie Diaries,” and “Violetta.” It was also nominated for a 2015 International Emmy Award - for Best Kids Series for its first season. Chatrone was then nominated for a BANFF Media Festival Award for Best Kids Series for Gaby's second season.

Chatrone also co-produced thirteen hours of their series SEM VOLTA (NO RETURN), a primetime action series for the second largest Brazillian TV channel, RECORD. The series began airing in January to great reviews and a second window set up at A&E. The series is Record's second project ever produced by an independent Brazilian production company.

In 2016, Chatrone received a new reinforcement, Rodrigo Olaio. The executive joined the team to accelerate the animation slate and build an animation studio.

Most recently Chatrone produced 26 half-hour episodes of the action/comedy series JUACAS for Disney Latin America. The series is the brain child of Carina, based on her experiences growing up in Brazil and spending many of her weekends surfing with her friends. She served as creator, head writer and show runner for the series. Airing on Disney Channel and XD, the series premiered on July 3 and has already become a sensation on social media as well as performing as well we Disney branded series. Disney is in negotiations to order a second season of her creation.

On the feature front, Carina wrote and Chatrone produced the Gaby Estrella feature film for the Brazilian market. The film was released this past January nationwide in Brazil.

Carina is currently writing CONDOMINIO for a co-production with Migdal. CONDOMINIO is a series based on the popular characters of Brazilian cartoonist, LAERTE.